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These theories look at the universalistic, contingency and configurational perspectives to see the effect of human resource practices in organizations. Strategic HR Review, 14 5Elements of Effective Strategic Planning Stephen White and I recently analyzed hundreds of strategic plans from schools, central-office departments, and entire districts.

Evidence of Convergence to the U. Nonetheless, these annual plans, like the hundreds I've seen since then, were approved pro forma. Emerald Book Serials and Monographs, The integration of human resource development into the strategic planning process: For others, the term induces a cringe brought about by memories of endless meetings, fact-free debates, three-ring binders, and dozens of objectives, tasks, strategies, plans, and goals—all left undone after the plan was completed.

A high monitoring score means that the school conducts consistent and frequent at least monthly analyses of student performance, teaching strategies, and leadership practices. Goals should be quantifiable, consistent, realistic and achievable. The Programs The final elements are the Programs which set out the implementation plans for the key strategies.

Leading to Change / Making Strategic Planning Work

New products will progressively replace existing ones over the next 3 years. Schools in which leaders and teachers believe that their work is the fundamental cause of student achievement perform significantly better than schools in which leaders attribute student achievement primarily to student demographic characteristics.

Goal 6 Attract, retain, and develop highly qualified and diverse faculty, staff, and administrators. You may also come up with an updated SWOT analysis to make your strategic planning more successful. Develop financial plans including projected startup costs, operating costs, revenue, profits, and break-even analysis for the first 3 to 5 years.

Strategic thinking

This applied science is used as a tool in SHRP to help understand and manage human resources. Even after we controlled for school demographic variables, schools whose plans ranked higher on the 20 dimensions had higher student achievement and significantly greater achievement gains.

9+ Strategic Planning Checklist Examples – PDF

Include the specific people who will be held responsible for the execution of each strategic plans. In other words, this is a strategy that intends to adapt the goals of an organization and is built off of other theories such as the contingency theory as well as institutional theory which fit under the umbrella of organizational theory.

Develop management plans including full descriptions of management systems and timelines for implementation. Our mission is to enhance our customers' business by providing the very highest quality products and services possible. We used this analysis to develop some practical suggestions to get more out of the planning process Reeves, ; White.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) seeks to engage diverse voices in a series of Campus Conversations. Community engagement is essential to an effective planning and evaluation process.

Strategic planning is a structured process aimed at improving the organization’s future performance. It is a process that entails making decisions today to obtain results in the future; strategic thought is an essential ingredient of strategic planning.

For some people, the term strategic planning brings to mind a disciplined and thoughtful process that links the values, mission, and goals of a school system with a set of coherent strategies and tasks designed to achieve those goals.

For others, the term induces a cringe brought about by memories of endless meetings, fact-free debates, three-ring binders, and dozens of objectives, tasks.


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The following goals delineate the strategic planning focus of Slippery Rock University. As such, the administration, faculty, and staff align their objectives with these goals and use them to frame planning, budget requests, and assessment. e.g. Suburban store. Basic Approach to Strategic Planning.

A critical review of past performance by the owners and management of a business and the preparation of a plan beyond normal budgetary horizons require a certain attitude of mind and predisposition.

Strategic Business Planning Strategic business planning process pdf
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Making Strategic Planning Work - Educational Leadership