Ofwat business planning consultation process

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The Water Services Regulation Authority, better known as Ofwat, is the independent economic regulator of the privatised water and sewerage industry in England and Wales. As the economic regulator, Ofwat is responsible for setting limits on pricing and protecting customer interests, encouraging competition and adequate investment within the industry, and administering and enforcing the licensing regime for water and sewerage companies set out in the Water Services Act Ofwat will provide us with its initial view of our Business Plan.

Outcomes[ edit ] After four years, the Thames Tideway Strategic Study report was published inand outlined the following objectives: This was followed by the consumer white paper, "Modern Markets: These strategies are designed to help look after water resources.

The next price review will be held in PR19 and we have already started planning for it. River Thames Route — the alignment of this route broadly followed the river from west London to Beckton STW and would cut across the Greenwich Peninsulareducing the length of the tunnel at a location where there are no CSOs to be intercepted along the river.

These are usually called consultations. Adoption of source control and sustainable urban drainage; Separation of foul and surface drainage and local storage; Screening, storage or treatment at the discharge point to river; and In-river treatment After evaluation of the potential strategies it was decided that only one, the screening, storage or treatment at the point of discharge, would fully meet the objectives.

PR19 will provide a resilient long-term future for water in Yorkshire. Original consultation The Environment Agency wants your views on the new water resources management plan guidelines. The current regulatory framework for water is set out by the Water Services Actas updated by section 39 of the Water Act They include an assessment of how much water is available for abstraction in a particular catchment.

The following timeline sets out how we developed our plan. Prior towater services were provided by a mixture of local authority and private undertakers.

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Our approach was then reviewed externally by economic consultants and our auditor. The need for the project and whether a tunnel was the most appropriate solution The preferred tunnel route including the detailed alignment of the tunnel Preferred sites and permanent works taking into account the feedback received from the first phase of consultation such as the move from greenfield to brownfield sites Detailed proposals for the preferred sites again taking into account the feedback from the phase one consultation The effects the project would have as outlined in the preliminary environmental information report A total of 1, feedback forms online and hard copy4, pieces of correspondence and nine petitions were received.

It is widely agreed that the water industry has been pressed hard by Ofwat.

2010 to 2015 government policy: water industry

At PR14 Ofwat introduced a number of incentive mechanisms that had the potential to reward or penalise companies where they out or under-performed against agreed targets for improving performance for customers, and mechanisms that shared with customers benefits from efficiencies achieved or consequences for legitimate additional costs required in the delivery of services.

Over 10,km of water mains being improved or replaced — more than the equivalent of London to Cape Town. Like other independent regulators, including Ofsted, Ofcom and Ofgem, Ofwat is a non-ministerial government department.

Water companies are contributing expertise, perspectives and research to inform the debate on the future of water. The summary of consultation responses document sets out the engagement and consultation process and how stakeholders and the general public responded to the questions in the consultation.

Thames Tideway Scheme

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an under-construction 25 km (16 mi) tunnel running mostly under the tidal section of the River Thames through central London, which will provide capture, storage and conveyance of almost all the combined raw sewage and rainwater discharges that currently overflow into the river.

Bazalgette Tunnel Limited (BTL) is the licensed 'Infrastructure Provider' set up to. Business planning process, customer consultation and information requirements for the Periodic Review: a consultation paper Full document available from Ofwat. A couple of shots of valley residents, the first simply a Little Egret fishing the shallows at Ellingham.

I always expected egret numbers to grow far quicker than they have as ten years ago I was getting counts in excess of 50 birds at a valley heronry. About Consultation. This document consults on our methodology for the price review (PR19) for the water and wastewater monopoly service providers in England and Wales.

The methodology sets out: our expectations and requirements for companies preparing their business plans to meet the needs of their customers from to and beyond.

Ofwat business planning consultation process
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